The Westbrook Story

Laser tube cutting spans the industries.

Westbrook has long been in the business of greenhouse systems — designing, manufacturing and supplying structures and complex systems that make extensive use of steel tubing. Looking to improve standard designs and offer customized parts we entered the steel fabricating industry.

By housing the BLM LT722 and LT8 machines in our state-of-the-art facilities, we realized greater efficiency, faster turnaround times and precision control over our own products. At the same time, the unlimited feature and design potential opened the door to other industries. Our expertise grew, and our laser tube cutting service now fulfills an extremely diverse need for custom steel tubing – from parts for hospital bed manufacturers to race cars and production line engineers.

Today, Westbrook fully understands the flexibility, requirements and unique nature of working with steel tubing. We offer extensive laser tube cutting capabilities and collaborative design expertise to a wide range of small, medium and large-sized businesses.

Send us your drawing and let’s get started!

How Laser Tube Cutting Works

One service. Unlimited potential.

The technology of laser cutting involves the computerized direction of high-powered laser on structural tubing or metal piping while cutting assist gas expels the cut material. Our equipment also allows for the tubing to be electronically manipulated during cutting in order to achieve more complex, multi-features. The resulting cut is precise, repeatable and has a high-grade finish.

Metal tubing can then be bent and shaped after cuts to precise angles, and/or joined for the exact formations and strengths needed.


Our Process

  • 1Supply Westbrook with design.
  • 2Design entered into CMC software.
  • 3Estimate generated from software. Pricing is based on material costs, cutting hours and setup time.
  • 4Upon estimate approval, work is schedule (approx 2 week turnaround).
  • 5Work is completed, and client is notified of pickup availability.

Why choose Westbrook LTC Services

Strength in versatility. Efficiency in expertise.

Laser tube cutting from Westbrook is a reliable service that can add real value to design. Let us help you design and produce a better product!

The need for laser tube cutting crosses countless industries. Our customers are diverse, and that means we can draw from an extensive knowledge base. While we don’t offer design services, we often collaborate, offering advice and creative ways to make the product better. The sky is the limit and we look forward to showing you the possibilities!

Talk to us about creative, efficient, fast solutions that will improve your capabilities, efficiencies – and profits. We have the ability to deliver precise tubing cuts. We have the expertise to help make sure they’ll work.

We handle custom or standard design tube cutting, whether low-run or production quantities. Our set-up is lean and effective so that we can deliver real value. No need for a large tooling investment – even prototypes can be accommodated affordably. We also maintain a large tubing inventory, due to our strong relationships with tube mills and service centres, so we can deliver quickly.

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The need for laser tube cutting crosses countless industries.

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